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What’s in the current EcoForum?

Fall 2010 Table of Contents

Title Page #
SDRC Undergoes Changes
South Dakota Needs Distributed Wind Generation
SDRC Annual Meeting Notes 2
Big Stone and Coal Ash 3
Keystone Pipeline Built with Defective Steel? 4
Keystone XL Environmental Impact Study Inadequate, Says EPA 5
SDRC Amendment E Documents Archived at SDSU 5
SDRC Supporters Trautman, Hohn Pass Away 6
White Face Attends International Nuclear Conference 6
Extension Service Offers Organic Farm Conference Dec 6-7 7
Beware Mercury in Flu Shots 7
Minnesota Town Improves Energy Efficiency 8
Thompson Joins SDRC Board 8
Building Codes Boost Green Construction 9
Williams Wins SDRC Raffle 9

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