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Benefits of Membership

  • Members receive our monthly newsletter EcoForum, in which they will learn about our victories, our ongoing battles, and our new challenges in the fight to protect South Dakota’s environment.  In EcoForum, members learn what they can do to protect our environment.  We give our members names, phone numbers, addresses and e-mail addresses, and facts to use in contacting the people who make decisions on various issues.  Our members also learn in EcoForum about upcoming events that they will want to participate in.
  • Through SDRC, members have the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of the people of South Dakota by protecting our air, water, land and wildlife.  Our quality of life would be vastly diminished if our air and water quality was degraded, if our soil was eroded away or degraded, and if our wildlife had no habitat to support their lives.  Members can use their special knowledge and talents, volunteer their labor, write letters to the newspaper, or participate in any other ways that are appropriate for them.
  • Members attend events planned by other SDRC members.  Members also have the opportunity to plan events for the membership.  Events have included special speakers that we bring into the state, or across the state, films and slide shows, book signings, pork roasts and picnics, banquets and awards ceremonies, field trips to see endangered plants, raffles and fund raisers.  At these events, members not only learn something about our environment, but also enjoy seeing old friends and making new ones.
  • Most important of all, our members have the benefit of knowing that their membership dues are spent wisely to protect our environment for ourselves, our children, and their children.  What better legacy can we leave than that?
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