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2010 Legislative Alerts:

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Tell Congress: Protect South Dakota’s Wild Grasslands

Join the South Dakota Resources Coalition and the South Dakota Wild Grassland Coalition in telling South Dakota’s three members of Congress that you support lasting protection for South Dakota’s wild grasslands. A brief handwritten note or a phone call will send a strong message that South Dakotans want to protect our wild heritage. (See contact info for Senator Johnson, Senator Thune, and Representative Herseth Sanlin here.)

Below are some examples to help you create your own personal message:

  • Wilderness ensures that South Dakota’s wild grasslands will stay the same for generations to come while protecting grazing rights, wildlife habitat for hunting and fishing, and opportunities for hiking, camping, horseback riding, bird watching, recreational rock collecting and more.
  • Now is the time to ensure lasting protection for places like Red Shirt, Indian Creek and Chalk Hills – the best of what’s left in South Dakota’s three national grasslands.
  • Wild, wide-open public lands are part of South Dakota’s unique character, but less and less of this once-vast prairie remains wild. By creating America’s first national grassland wilderness, we will ensure that these wild places will remain a legacy for future generations.
  • For those who say wilderness “locks us out,” hundreds of thousands of acres remain open to recreational motorized access on South Dakota’s national grasslands. Protecting this very small portion is only fair and reasonable.
  • Prairie grasslands epitomize the landscape that has shaped the strength and character of South Dakotans. We should protect these small but extraordinary pieces of Buffalo Gap National Grassland – the best of what’s left in America’s Great Plains.
  • Protecting our prairie grasslands as wilderness would benefit adjacent communities. Businesses and individuals are increasingly looking to locate in areas that provide significant outdoor recreation opportunities, open space and scenic vistas. Also, having the nation’s first grassland wilderness would complement South Dakota’s marketing as a tourist destination and a hunting paradise.
  • Wilderness in these three areas will provide a non-motorized big game hunting experience sought by South Dakota residents and non-residents alike.
  • Prairie grasslands are the fastest dwindling and least protected ecosystems on the continent. We should protect some of South Dakota’s remaining wild grasslands.
  • Wilderness protection helps safeguard air quality, watersheds, wildlife habitat, and open space.

For more information, visit the South Dakota Wild Grassland Coalition.

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