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Low-Level Nuclear Waste — 1984


Since South Dakota will have to accept low-level nuclear wastes from at least one-third of the nation if a large commercial disposal facility is built in our state; and

Since the low-level wastes of the Midwest Compact and other compacts or states may, do, or will contain large amounts of long lived, radioactive materials including sludges and resins from nuclear power plants as well as decommissioned power plant parts; and

Since South Dakota generates less than one cubic yard of low-level nuclear wastes per year, and almost all this waste is being, and can continue to be, disposed of on-site with the remaining small portion disposed of out of state under contract with another compact or state; and

Since shallow land burials has permitted migration of radioactivity from the trenches of every burial site in the U. S.: and

Since alternatives to shallow land burials are already in use or being considered in a growing number of areas;

THEREFORE THE SOUTH DAKOTA RESOURCES COALITION ENDORSES the following alternatives for the disposal of south dakota’s low-level nuclear wastes. none of these alternatives shall take the place of on-site disposal by a present or future south dakota (or north dakota, in case of a compact) generator if that generator is eligible for a license for on-site disposal. these alternatives are listed in order of preference: :

  1. A North-South Dakota Compact which limits waste disposed of by the compact to that generated only within the two states and limits the disposal method to contracting for disposal with another compact or state outside North and South Dakota.
  2. A centralized above ground facility limited to disposal of wastes generated by a North Dakota-South Dakota Compact which excludes wastes generated outside of those two states.
  3. A centralized above ground facility for low-level wastes generated within South Dakota only.
  4. Membership in the Mountain Compact.

Adopted by SDRC Board of Directors on November 10, 1984

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