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Instream Flow Protection — 1989


WHEREAS consumptive uses (domestic water, irrigation, livestock watering and other uses) have greatly reduced the quantity and subsequently the quality of natural stream flow in South Dakota

WHEREAS South Dakota is one of only six western states who have not protected the many uses of instream water (fish and wildlife maintenance, recreation, waste assimilation, ecosystem maintenance and other uses)

WHEREAS a few streams in the state may still have unappropriated flow

WHEREAS some water rights in over-apppropriated streams may become available in the future through cancellations

AND WHEREAS the state water management board has legal authority to reserve instream flow from water rights that may be cancelled in the future as well as from presently available flow

THEREFORE BE IT RESOVED that the South Dakota Resources Coalition urges the water management board to use its existing legal authority to reserve both presently available flows and over-appropriated water which may become available in the future to achieve flow levels necessary to protect instream uses.
Approved by South Dakota Resources Coalition Board of Directors January 21, 1989

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