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Cancer Registry — 1990


WHEREAS, a cancer registry can be a useful technique for analysis of unexplained high incidence areas of cancer and avoid placing the blame for such high incidence on the wrong cause

WHEREAS, a cancer registry can be used by scientific investigators to statistically determine whether or not an unusual number of cancer cases are correlated with particular instances of environmental contamination such as polluted well water, radon gas, workplace exposure, past medical treatments, or other possible avoidable causes

WHEREAS, the prevention of cancer is much less expensive and socially damaging than the cure.

WHEREAS, many states and countries have established a cancer registry and standard techniques are established for such a registry

WHEREAS, the expense of establishing a cancer registry is low and volunteer labor has been offered.

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the South Dakota Resources Coalition supports legislation to establish a cancer registry for the State of South Dakota.

This resolution was adopted by the members present at the 1990 Annual Meeting of the South Dakota Resources Coalition.

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