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South Dakota Can Do Better Than Hyperion

March 9, 2011

Tell Gov. Daugaard:
Oppose the Hyperion Refinery!

Our friends at the Sierra Club urge us all to contact Governor Dennis Daugaard and urge him to withdraw South Dakota’s support for the proposed Hyperion oil refinery in Union County:

The proposed Hyperion oil refinery would discharge more air pollution per refined barrel than any other refinery in the U.S., diminishing the quality of life in rural Union County and threatening public health in southeastern South Dakota and northwest Iowa.

The project’s promoters have never built or managed an oil refinery, and with this their first foray, they would be refining tar sands crude oil, the dirtiest crude in the world!

Tell the Governor that our state can strengthen and improve our economy without adding massive pollution and driving people from their homes.

The South Dakota government has supported this project, but we must ask new Governor Dennis Daugaard to reconsider that support.

Please send a message to Governor Daugaard and tell him it is a mistake to invite Hyperion to our state.

Building a massive, polluting oil refinery on productive, fertile farm land is economic development in reverse. The Hyperion oil refinery project is not in our state’s best interest, especially because it promises to introduce massive air and water pollution.

We can do better than Hyperion, and we must do better.


Peter Carrels
Sierra Club South Dakota

P.S. For more information on the proposed Hyperion Oil Refinery and why the Sierra Club opposes it, visit our new website:


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