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Legislative Update: Final Report on 2010 Session

March 13, 2010

As of March 13:

Bills sent to Governor:

SB 58, property tax exemption for small-scale renewable energy. Passed House 64-3.

Current SD LegislatorsFull list of bills considered by the 2010 SD Legislature

SB = Senate Bill; HB = House Bill

SB 195, excise tax refund for ag and other business properties, passed House 53-14, but without exemption for crude oil pipelines.

HB 1060, tax refunds for large wind farms and manufacturing businesses. Passed House 59-10.

HB 1136, liability protection for asbestos companies, passed Senate 27-7.

Bills Killed

SB 192, wind energy funds for township roads. This went through Senate without a single no vote, but was killed in the House.

HB 1202, started as the “let prairie be taxed as prairie” bill, passed the House, was tabled then hoghoused by its Senate sponsor, ultimately amended to death. The bill ultimately passed, but with no resemblance to the original form.

–provided by Michael Melius, SDRC’s able lobbyist in Pierre.

SDRC’s final analysis of the legislative session will be in the next issue of Eco Forum.


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