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Legislative Update, Week of March 8: One Week to Go!

March 7, 2010

…from SDRC’s man in Pierre, Michael Melius:

SB 58 passed 12-1 in the House State Affairs Committee this week. It should be on the House floor early next week. It’s the tax exemption for small-scale renewable installations. Please contact Representatives in support of this bill!

Contact your local state legislators!

(Use your ZIP to find your legislators at

Current SD Legislators

Full list of bills before 2010 SD Legislature

SB = Senate Bill; HB = House Bill

SB 195 will be in House State Affairs on March 8. It provides for excise tax refunds for certain large business projects, but excludes pipelines, e.g. TransCanada.

HB 1202 was brought back into Sen. Taxation Committee, with all new language that specifies how county directors of equalization should value ag land, not solely on soil type but including other factors such as topography and climate. Not as prairie-friendly as the original bill, but it doesn’t do much harm, either, I believe. It passed the Committee by 7-1 with Sen. Adelstein voting nay.

SB 184 passed out of House Taxation 11-2. It limits taxation authority for Water Development Districts.

HB 1136 passed 6-1 in Senate Judiciary. (Tieszen was the no vote.) It transfers liability protection for asbestos contamination to successor companies. Will be on the Senate floor next week.

HB 1263 and 1222 passed both chambers without a single no vote. The first involves easements for large wind farms; the latter eases some regulations for farmers’ markets.


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