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Legislative Alert: Week of Feb. 22

February 22, 2010

Priority Bills:

SB 161: Crude oil pipeline spill recovery bill. Assesses a 2 cent/barrel fee on crude oil piped through state, for a spill cleanup fund that will max out at $30 million. Update: This bill passed the Senate State Affairs committee 7-1 on Monday, Feb. 22! The bill now goes to the full Senate. Call your Senator and urge a Yes vote for environmental responsibility.

Contact your local state legislators!

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Current SD Legislators

Full list of bills before 2010 SD Legislature

SB = Senate Bill; HB = House Bill

SB 58: Provides for a real property tax exemption for renewable energy projects. Amended to include passive solar. It awaits a date in House State Affairs. Keep talking this up to your representatives! State Affairs Committee representatives to contact in support of SB 58: Faehn, Noem, Boomgarden, Engels, Feinstein, Gosch, B. Hunhoff, Lucas, Lust, Rausch, Rave, Steele, Turbiville.

NEW Resolution: HCR 1009

This resolution calls for “balanced teaching of global warming in public schools.” It was introduced on 2/16 by Don Kopp of Rapid City. Passed the House the next day, a close vote of 36-30. May be voted on in Senate as early as Monday, 2/22. This one can be defeated, if senators hear from us!


Bills Passed:

HB 1263: Defines terms of wind power easements. Passed State Affairs Comm. 13-0. This was worked on by wind industry reps, utilities/electric co-ops, and legislators to combine elements of three bills. Intent is to pave the way for building the World’s Largest Wind Farm on the coteaus NE of Pierre, ultimately 5050 megawatts. This will require a new 660 kV DC transmission line through Minnesota.

HB 1113: Adds prairie dogs, skunks, raccoons and beavers to the list of “injurious” animals that GF&P is to control. Committee debate exposed rifts among ag groups.

HB 1222: Frees up farmers’ markets from onerous state regulations. Passed Commerce Comm. 12-0.

Bills Killed (i.e. referred to 41st day:)

SB 175: Fees and regs for ORV’s. New, ambitious legislation that attracted vocal opposition.

HB 1114: Would have added two “animal industry” representatives to the policy review committee for animal damage control.

HB 1218: Provided for statewide election of the Sec. of Agriculture.

Other Bills:

HB 1202: Provides for native prairie and Conservation Reserve Program lands to be taxed as grassland, not cropland. A good bill, but tabled by Senate Taxation on Feb. 22.


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