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Legislative Alert: Week of Feb 7

February 7, 2010

Legislative Update from Michael Melius; current as of Friday, Feb. 5.

Contact your local state legislators!

(Use your ZIP to find your legislators at

Current SD Legislators

Full list of bills before 2010 SD Legislature

SB = Senate Bill; HB = House Bill

Priority Bills:

SB 58: Provides for a real property tax exemption for renewable energy projects. Amended to include passive solar. Passed Senate 26-7, now goes to House State Affairs Comm., no date set. Representatives to contact in support of SB 58: Faehn, Noem, Boomgarden, Engels, Feinstein, Gosch, B. Hunhoff, Lucas, Lust, Rausch, Rave, Steele, Turbiville.

SB 161: Crude oil pipeline spill recovery bill. Assesses a 2 cent/barrel fee on crude oil piped through state, for a spill cleanup fund that will max out at $30 million. Senate State Affairs, no date set. Key senators needed for support: Knudson, Rhoden.

Bills due on the Floor , date:

HB 1202: Feb. 9. Provides for native prairie and Conservation Reserve
Program lands to be taxed as grassland, not cropland. A good bill we
supported in committee. Any Representative can be contacted in support of
this bill.

Bills Killed (i.e. referred to 41st day:)

SB 93, 94, 95: Two wind energy bills and an energy efficiency program funds
transfer. We supported in committee. All killed by 3-6 party-line votes.
(SB 58 has more tax exemption than 93.)

Bills in Upcoming Committees:

House Ag & Nat. Resources, Feb. 9:

HB 1121: Requires a $10 permit for access to School and Public Lands, unless
a person has lessee’s permission. Funds go to permanent school fund.

HB 1139: Clarifies civil trespass on ag land, provides for damages. Another
Betty Olson bill to punish hunters, apparently would also punish someone
retrieving a kite or baseball from ag land without permission.

Senate Taxation Feb. 10:

SB 172: Same as HB 1202.

Bills Introduced, Referred to (Committee), No Other Action:

(Priority bills first)

SB 175: Provides for registration and rules, trails and land rehab for
off-road vehicles. GF& P to administer. (Transportation)

SB 184: Reins in taxation authority for water development districts,
apparently in response to excesses of the James River WDD. Excesses we’re
concerned about are environmental, such as tree clearing for farmland.

HB 1268: Improves requirements and safeguards for wind easements and wind
energy leases. (State Affairs)

HB 1242: Land acquisitions over 80 acres by State of SD are subject to
legislative approval. Exempted: Dept. of Transportation. (State Affairs)

HB 1208: Expands GF&P Commission to ten members, adds two legislators: One Senator, one Rep., one from each party and from both sides of the river.
(State Affairs)

HB 1218: Provides for statewide election of the Sec. of Agriculture. (State

HB 1222: Frees up farmers’ markets from onerous state regulations.

SB 192: Modifies distributions from the wind energy trust fund based on township roads formula. (Taxation)

Old Bills, Still No Action:

HB 1113: Adds prairie dogs, skunks, raccoons and beavers to the list of
“injurious” animals that GF&P is to control.

HB 1114: Adds two “animal industry” representatives to the policy review
committee for animal damage control, as well as reps from Fish & Wildlife Service and county commissioners assoc.


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