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SDRC Legislative Alert: Support Renewables and Efficiency

January 30, 2010

SB 58: for a real property tax exemption for renewable energy projects.

ENDANGERED! Senate floor vote is delayed by the attachment of a “fiscal note,” a report from LRC/PUC on fiscal impact of bill to state revenues. This appears to be an unfriendly move to kill the bill by showing it will be a financial loser for state revenues.

Contact your local state legislators!

(Use your ZIP to find your legislators at

Current SD Legislators

Full list of bills before 2010 SD Legislature

SB = Senate Bill; HB = House Bill

3 Important Bills in Senate State Affairs Monday, Feb. 1:

SB 93: Property tax exemption for small wind power systems

This seems to be a backup for SB 58, which is now in danger due to the fiscal note.  It is similar but more modest in scope.   In this hopefully more attractively modest masure, wind is the only renewable energy source qualifying and the tax exemption is smaller, up to $30,000 of taxable value instead of $50,000.

SB 94: Provides for establishment of Community Energy Development Projects

–Again limited to wind power only. Establishes criteria for the projects and for purchase agreements with utilities.

SB 95: Energy Efficiency Grants

–Provides $300,000 for matching-fund grants to communities and non-profits for energy efficiency projects.  The amount is paltry compared to the size of the task; but times are tight and every step in the right direction needs to be encouraged.

You have 2 Representatives and 1 Senator

To contact them during the week in Pierre, you can

1. Write letters:
Senator ___   or Rep.____,  State Capitol, Pierre SD 57501

2. Call. Senators: 605-773-3821;  Rep’s: 605-773-3851.
A page will take a short dictated message to one or two at a time.

3. Email either thru the website:
or directly. Try this format for the email address:    or


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